Construction; Taking a crane to the “Top of Germany”

Construction; Taking a crane to the “Top of Germany”

Published: 7 February 2018

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Battling the extremes of wind, snow and ice, the addition of a crane by Liebherr at this altitude makes it the highest point in Germany for the duration of the project, it overhangs the 2,962-metre-high summit cross by 13 metres, with its boom.

Offering no room for error, the transport by helicopter from Sonnalpin of a modular crane, with parts weighing up to 3.4 tonnes, assembly and allowing for dismantling is executed with immense precision.

2 years into construction of the new Eibsee cable car, at a spend of €50million, the dream of launching a record breaking cable car is starting to become a reality. Presenting the longest free span of any cable car, and the largest total elevation gain, the Eibsee cable car will double capacity allowing up to 580 visitors per hour.

Setting world records, battling extreme elements, pushing engineering to the limits, all while offering phenomenal views; Germanys next big project may well pale in comparison.

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