£4bn Parliament Revamp

£4bn Parliament Revamp

Published: 30 August 2017

Currie & Brown has been confirmed as part of the CH2M team managing the £4bn restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster.

Currie & Brown will be delivering cost management services on the project.

Initial work will consist of a programme of mechanical and electrical repairs to ensure that the Palace remains safe and habitable beyond 2020.

A detailed exploration of the condition of the building will also be carried out while MPs decide on future improvement plans for their historic home.

Long-term options include a rolling programme of repairs while the building remains in operation or a total shutdown while Parliament operates from a temporary home.

Currie & Brown said: “Before the final go-ahead for the chosen option is given, a detailed design brief, business case and budget will be developed for Parliament’s approval.”

Alan Manuel, Currie & Brown’s UK chief operating officer, said: “Currie & Brown is delighted to be delivering cost management services as part of this powerful team.

“With our expertise in working on historic buildings, including past and present projects at the Palace of Westminster, and a strong and experienced team of mechanical and electrical surveyors, we will help to ensure that value for money is obtained for the taxpayer on this programme of works.”

Source: http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2017/08/29/currie-brown-to-cost-manage-4bn-parliament-revamp/

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